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Yoshihiko Nishio

Music Producer / Songwriter / Music School “Voice”, President and Director
President of V-Project Inc. and Second Stage Inc.

1986 First major debut as a musician despite an unsuccessful audition
After leaving the music industry for a period of time, returned home in 1995 to Fukuoka, Japan as a music instructor

1996 Founded Music School “Voice”, in Fukuoka, Japan

Notable artists produced
2002 bianco nero
2003 YUI
2004 Ayaka
2006 Sowelu
2009 MARIA
2010 Leo Ieiri
2011 Chiharu Tamashiro of Kiroro

Currently juggling multiple companies as President/ Director and active as a music instructor, music producer and discovering up-and-coming artists.


icon-building Music School “Voice”

President and supervisor of Music School “Voice”. “Voice” has been successful in producing top Billboard artists such as YUI, Ayaka, Bianco nero, Leo Ieiri, Rieco, and chay
Yoshihiko Nishio uses a unique, practical teaching method coined the “Voice Theory” (practical use of music theory through an analysis of countless music compositions resulting in 400~500 melodical patterns) in his teachings.

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VOICE PLUS, a music collective,  was founded with a mission to create unfading music.

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“The Voice Theory 30/301”