Music School “Voice”

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Yoshihiko Nishio uses “Voice Theory”, an original teaching method based on practical music theory, as a means of instruction and has produced famous artists such as YUI, Ayaka, Leo Ieiri, and Chay into the mainstream music scene. 
He is widely known in the music industry and is highly regarded for his ability to discover and foster new talent. 

“Become a one-of-a-kind singer with overwhelming character”
“Become an artist that can sing, play, and write original songs”

“Acceptance is audition-based, since “Voice” emphasizes small class sizes. However, we focus not on skill but on ‘one’s preparedness to full-heartedly commit to the life of a musician’. Even if you have no experience in music, or no experience playing in front of a live audience, we believe in the possibility of developing people with the right attitude.”

― Yoshihiko Nishio, President and Director of Music School “Voice” ―


What Makes Music School “Voice”, Unique

1. Student-focused learning through commitment to small class sizes
Acquiring vocal and instrumental skills, along with learning music theory, can be an extremely long-fought road.
“Voice” commits to a maximum 3:1 student to instructor ratio per class in order to guarantee the highest chance of success.

2. Lessons equivalent to professional training.
The same methods practiced by Yoshihiko Nishio to produce and evaluate professional artists are used in “Voice” lessons.
There are very distinct methods unique to “Voice” but all of which have proved effective by graduates succeeding in the music industry.

#”Voice Theory”
“Voice Theory” is an original musical theory developed by Yoshihiko Nishio himself. Through the analysis of comparing and contrasting countless major compositions both modern and old, he discovered common patterns that can be used in composing and editing songs. 
Focus is placed on picking a song and analyzing one of the following: melodic patterns, chord progression, rhythm, and song composition.
Lessons include learning “Voice Theory” and instructions on methods of theory application.

#From Theory to Practice
Once a student has understood the basics of theory, they will be given practical lessons and taught the know-how on composing original music, covering other songs, keys to a successful performance, and an increased auditions passing rate. 

3. In-house audition
“Voice” has earned made a name for itself in the music industry. Due to our reputation, many industry professionals, record labels, and production studios hold in-house auditions at “Voice”, targeted specifically toward “Voice” students. 
“Voice”’s in-house auditions are organized by the head of HR at the above companies and institutions. Performances are judged directly by such personnel, and thus, once accepted, the probability of an audition leading to a music career is relatively high.

4. What makes a successful artist?
Even after signing to a record label, “Voice” fully supports artists toward their debut.
We place importance on committing to “artists with lasting post-debut music careers”, by taking necessary steps to ensure that each student is mentally and physically prepared to enter the professional music industry.